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Our History

RLV OracleArt, Inc. builds upon and continues the tradition of creative endeavor established by the Rancho Linda Vista Arts Community in Oracle, Arizona.

From its inception in 1968, Rancho Linda Vista has provided a place for artists, artisans and their families to live, share ideas and immerse themselves in nature and the creative process. Hence the Ranch’s mission has always been to:

To preserve Rancho Linda Vista in order to provide its members
with an environment conducive to artistic purposes and other related endeavors.

(From the Articles of Incorporation of Rancho Linda Vista, 1974)

In the over three decades that Rancho Linda Vista has flourished, it has undergone many changes while continuing to maintain its core ethos as a place devoted to fostering the arts. A dynamic and vital community, the Ranch continues to embrace the visions of its long-time residents as well as the ideas and inspirations of its newcomers and visitors.